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Face Behind My Soulitude!

Hi! My Soulitude is a personal blog that came to life in 2011 as an outlet to lay bare my unfiltered, fleeting feelings. It has stayed with me ever since, however erratic and mediocre it may be. 

I am an ordinary Indian girl woman with a super-ordinary life. As a 40-year-old in 2020, I soak in the bliss that life offers while dealing with everyday, mundane challenges. Fond of ‘chai’, cafes and grilled sandwiches, I prefer simple and slow living. Bestowed with a knack for wasting time, the only thing I want to know before I (the body) die is my “self.” Being a temporary traveller on this planet, I value every breath I take. Haven’t made much sense of life yet, exploration is on anyway.

This blog is a small step to immortalize my mortal life. A humble attempt to preserve my memories. Who knows some day, my life (struggles) may assure another soul on this planet that it’s okay to be normal, ordinary and average. Just like the ones who have made my journey worthwhile.

Happy Exploration!


2 thoughts on “Face Behind My Soulitude!”

  1. Its sounds to good about your life experience blog. The whole articles about your life are very interesting. it shows that your life has taken a lot of turn in your past but after turning again and agian it reached to that way what you exactly wanted in your life.that is good .But I think one thing is missing in your life which always be miss in every girl’s life until she does not get in her life. just think about your there something missing .I am feeling from your blog that there is something missing in your life.that is good that you are happy and getting love surrounding of you . find

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