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Why This Blog ?

I have grown up reading people’s stories. Stories that helped me navigate life with ease when it was tedious. Stories that were my only companion when I was alone

Having a Rough Day?

Are you having a rough day or feeling overwhelmed for no reason at all? Does it feel like everyone in the world seems to be doing so well, and where am I going?

Something Important!

Before you begin reading, I want to say something. Are you are wishing to read something that may resonate with you straight away?

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self love is Good witch

On A Loop!

Self-love is watching ‘Good Witch’ on a loop. I stumbled upon this feel-good series on Netflix years ago, and since then it’s been my favourite escapade.

Women putting House in order

I am home while NASA reaches new horizons!

I wonder how do people achieve so much in life? Don’t they have homes?

Self-Love: Drive, Family Dinner, relationships see-saw!

Today, self love is marked by another drive, a family dinner of 20 and pendulating energies in relationships.

Sunday brunch

Sunday Brunch!

Sunday brunch it was. Impromptu, loveful, delicious, yum and familial. A cooked staple Punjabi brunch, Rajma rice (chawal).

Leo full moon asks us to shed the old and welcome change

Leo ‘Full Moon’ today!

“This Leo full moon is ripe with energy to get us out and living again. If we’ve been deep in the process of transformation, albeit a necessary one, this energy asks us to get out into the world again.

Winters and juicy kinnows

Winters & juicy kinnows!

We are so blessed as a country to have rich local produce that’s healthy and yummilicious!

Photo Credit : My Soulitude

This is me, the face and effort behind this blog. I am 42 years old (in 2022) living in northern India. A proponent of slow and simple living, hustling is not my forte. I am a freelance writer who loves reading. I adore Ruskin Bond----Simple writing, simple pleasures. Why complicate? On a complex note, one of my favourite books is ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini. And did I tell you paradox thy name is me? Nothing I say is permanent, of course you know that, right? Read More....

My Soulitude
Photo Credit : My Soulitude

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