My Soulitude

Bridgerton: Good mix of writing & glamour!

“So you’ve come to my hiding place. Welcome. Although typically only abject failures and social outcasts are allowed.”-Penelope FeatheringtonBridgerton season 3, episode 3, “Forces of Nature” Latest season of Bridgerton has all my heart for its brilliant writing and glamour quotient. Season 3 takes ‘Dearest Gentle readers’ on a journey of the tug-of-war Penelope faces …

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Just Saying!

I open my laptop with an intent and urge to write. By the time it opens, I find myself staring at a blank page and jumbled meaningless thoughts. And that’s on loop. Summer may not be my best season but it does give one long afternoons and forced indoor stays. If one is productive, a …

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This or That?

What would you choose? One extreme or the other? Why not a middle path? Or why not both? Does life offers us such choices, or should we be stoked that at least we got one. If you want all, does life offers you all? Above one or below? Or both or neither. Choices galore in …

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