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Bridgerton: Good mix of writing & glamour!

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“So you’ve come to my hiding place. Welcome. Although typically only abject failures and social outcasts are allowed.”
-Penelope Featherington
Bridgerton season 3,
episode 3, “Forces of Nature”

Latest season of Bridgerton has all my heart for its brilliant writing and glamour quotient. Season 3 takes ‘Dearest Gentle readers’ on a journey of the tug-of-war Penelope faces in accepting herself as the ‘Lady Whistledown’ publicly. She is the high point of the show dwindling between love, her writing and social acceptance. She also represents socially inept people and plus size women, a motivation for many in the same space.

Needless to say, writing (often labelled as gossip), is the high point of the show. It’s refreshing to see such sharp-minded characters who communicate with immaculate clarity and heart. Their language, confidence, clarity of thoughts, free expressions of speech and most importantly, keeping the conversation intelligent even in diverse viewpoints is just amazing.

How I wish I had the skill to communicate so freely and intelligently.

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