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Flop lunch as father’s day special!

My last post was about mother’s day, and coincidentally today is father’s day. I realised it only now when I opened my blog to write. Haven’t yet read where I left that post. (Just being honest at the cost of sounding indifferent towards my blog, which I am.

It’s a fact at the moment). Today’s father day can be remembered in my life history as one big flop show (amongst many other). Took my father to a new restaurant in chandigarh, 26, which proved to be bad decision.

Though I don’t mind bad decisions, but not where others are involved, in this case my parents. Right from the ambience, to service to food, it was a dampner.

I felt so embarassed as no one had eaten anything thinking they will enjoy a good heavy lunch. And what a meal it proved to be. We had to make tea at home to dissolve the after effects of the experience. Made it up by ordering Papa’s favourite kulfi from zomato. Though sister ordered that, not i.

Apart from this, I am beyond grateful for my papa, who is the best in the world, like all fathers. Happy father’s day all.

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