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He turns 3 today, the youngest member of our family!

I have introduced you to most of my family members by now. May be not directly but indirectly by rumbling about them or gossiping (did I?). Today, meet another member of the family who has never been mentioned here before. Please forgive me for having the audacity to introduce him. He is omnipresent. But today, he will be here as physical part of our family and not the one you know.

He has turned 3 today, in the most beautiful and stunning ways, just as a child.  He came home unplanned, something that was decided on the spur of moment, just like most of our life has. (You all know by now, don’t you?).

The moment he came home, our pooja room and home turned special for us. We felt a sense of belongingness, a feeling of having someone elderly in our home, as A & I stay alone. His presence has been pure bliss. When feeling lonely, I talk to him, no…I blabber. I thank him when I am happy, I fight with him when I am angry; I complain to him about people who make life bit difficult, I seek his forgiveness when I go wrong; I crib when I have loads of work (at home or office); I crib when I don’t have much work; I seek his intervention when in dilemma, and so on.

In short, he is my punching bag, a friend, a mentor, a guide, and a partner in crime too. When no one understands you, when you are taken for granted by all, when life sucks, when life is a joy, he is the one who shares all. He doesn’t talk back in a way I can understand. It’s only in moments of bliss, the moments which are very very rare, that you can feel his shoulder to cry on.

Our food has turned into prashadam since the day he came. Five-star chocolates have become a part of our diet (and one of the reasons of my weight gain). Never was I so religious or spiritual to take this step. A was. A’s companionship has given me this greatest gift among all.

Ironically, Krishna, as the world knows him, is our father. But as ‘Baal Gopal’, his child avatar, or as our Shree Mohana (this is the name he has chosen), he is our child. We will be parents when the time comes, but before that, our ‘Bal Gopal’ has made us feel like parents, and children, at the same time. That’s his Leela.

A very happy 3rd birthday Shree Mohana ji! Happy Janamashtami!!!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

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