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Is my life different than my naani? Take 2

Is my life different than my naani?


Confronting bitter truths, in public or solitude, is uneasy. It leads to a lot of dust all around, and questions, and negative opinion. Why to disturb the universal equilibrium by looking at the problem in the eye? The standard line of reasoning that sprouts from the other ends is, “Everyone has to do it, it is universal. Only you have a problem,”. It is a phrase we often use to brush off most of our problems under the carpet.

I am talking about my last blog post that hit some delicate chords. I received a lot of DMs from women sharing similar struggles. Most of them wanted to be anonymous though. I completely understand. We don’t want to share our mundane struggles on social media. Then, there were some courageous ones who responded publicly. I am glad. The irony, however, was a majority of them publicly acknowledged it as a merely “good read.”  And the real sharing happened anonymously, again. In messages and mails. I understand everyone has a different take on things in life. Some shine while others wine. Not everyone may choose the same path to deal with the struggles and challenges. Social Media may not be the answer for everyone. Agreed. But at some point, we have to muster up the courage and talk, publicly. Even if anonymously. Because the fact remains, the struggle is “real” for everyone.

Most of us have resigned to the “struggle” while embracing our “seemingly-perfect” roles in the cycle of life. Some of us have found our ways out of it and some into it.  What we fail to realise is that the freedom and life that we enjoy today is because somebody somewhere fought so hard for it. Someone, years ago, revolted against what is “established.” While not all of us have to revolt, but why shy away from simply acknowledging the problem publicly? This is more problematic than the problem itself.

Does it rob us of our angelic wings? Does it make us less of a diva, a status we glamorously portray on social media? Does it make us “unsuccessful”? Does it fade our self-made aura in the eyes of others? Are we afraid of shifting the seemingly-soothing balance in the family? May be all of the above is true or none is. I leave that for you to decide.

Now, something to cheer for. While blogging about the last post, I came across something very interesting that opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of this “struggle.” It filled me with hope and optimism. Will share it in my next post soon. Till then, Happy Living. Happy Solitude from Mysoulitude!







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