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What is one virtue you wish to imbibe this year?

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“How I wish I could be like them.” How many times have you wondered this while being in awe of the other person’s personality? While I don’t aspire to be someone else, I do wish to imbibe some virtues this year. The one that tops the list is ‘Being myself no matter what.’ To have that unflinching belief in my self even when the whole world screams otherwise. This, of course, in no way signifies being arrogant or rude or blind to your actions but the one that stems from the deep knowledge of knowing your self. I seek an unwavering mind and heart, a one that no life challenge can throw apart. In fact, why talk about challenge even, I want to be aligned with my center all the time. Flowing through life light without any baggage. Walking this life with love, confidence, calmness, self assurance and an unflinching belief in the almighty even when life throws lemons.



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