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‘Made In Heaven’ Breaks The Mould!

Made In heaven web series
Made In Heaven, an amazing web series that touches you at many levels.

‘Made In Heaven’, the latest Indian web series to dot the digital landscape, has left me wanting for more. Such a brilliant piece of work that stirred emotions at many levels. It touched upon an array of topics, each so subtle yet important, with fine delicacy and balance. Never had I thought I would be reviewing a show but whatever strikes a chord needs to be shared.

I might be among the minority in thinking so, but I found most of the web shows centering around urban cities getting caught in the cliche of cuss words, sex, extramarital affairs and rebelling without a thought. These aspects might be the reality of urban India but there’s much more to the urban jungle than this.

‘Made In Heaven’ finally broke the mould for me by hitting at the right place, peeling layers of emotions that make human characters like us, without judgement. Every episode is a delight and opens you to the vast psyche of Indian population. Watch it for yourself and let me know how you like it.

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