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6 thoughts on “Brief but beautiful existence!”

  1. U have a lot of patience to click dat sequence but I am sure I was quite a delight and u explained so beautifully.. N dats complete botanical:))

    1. Lolz! yeah anil, botany link, thnks for reminding! Strange I nvr thot of botany while clicking it!

  2. The final year botany is still heavy on my head!n By d way i see a serious career of urs as a Nature blogger:-) [If at all u can remeber all those difficult geners & families] Try National Geo!!

    1. Noooo! I am happy enjoying nature widt burdening my mind wid facts and names! But will ask u in case of any doubt! U were gud in botany, I remember!

  3. Wow dats a compliment!! I never imagined my classmates thought so!Yah I was elected Botany club president though :))))))).But today’s chat was quite refreshing,its soooooo good to remember college days!!

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