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Clarity or the lack of it!

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I have often struggled with clarity in some extraneous aspects of my life. I understood late that while these irrelevant aspects may not pose a question of life and death to me but are crucial cogs in the wheel of life. Long left unattended, they may strike hard later. While most of my life flow may look seamless now, some itchy tidbits keep getting in the way. And they have been there since long. I have revolved in circles all these years. I discovered this when I looked back at my journey and track the progress. Honestly, only two aspects prick me in the present. Once resolved, and if other aspects remain status quo, I may have a perfect life.

But is that even possible? Once the two aspects will align, the other will oscillate, and the pendulum of life will keep oscillating. End result, a nearly imperfect life.

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