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Deadlines…The Dead…Festivals!

Mindful Living: Day 28

Deadlines do deserve the place they have been accorded. They look brutal from outside and have never been my best friend, yet they are crucial to get work done. I don’t thrive under pressure but same is true for no-pressure. Eons ago, when I left my deadline-oriented  job, I foresaw doing zillions of things in next one year. In the absence of deadline, they remain undone eight years hence.


Mindful Living: Day 29

Valuing the person when he is alive is far more important than honouring the dead. Ironically, we get together in herds when someone dies (it’s good though) but don’t find time to spend when he/she is breathing. Also, we talk so much about the dead but not about the ones that are living. I do what I preach but not without God’s will, of course.


Mindful Living: Day 30

Festivals like Janamashtami remind us to live life playfully, consciously and lovefully. These beautiful reminders, in form of festivals the whole year round, are so intricately woven around our rich culture and heritage. When young, these festivals had different connotations, and today look and feel different. To be able to spend them with my loved ones, is totally God’s grace. Gratitude!



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