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August Closes Mindfully!

Mindful Living: Day 31

“Gyaan” or Knowledge helps us walk any life path better with an evolved sense of being. Attending a “havan” yesterday and listening to tid bits of  wise pieces, I also realised this “gyaan” should come from the right source. “Sadgyaan”, that is. There is such vast realm of knowledge space that we may get lost in the sea of wisdom. Whatever we may do, achieving perfection is tedious. Hence comes the devotion or “bhakti”. Only your intent matters, rest is inconspicuous. Devotion is devoid of the right and the wrong. Only love. To me, that resonates better. When lost in the words of wisdom, surrender. Choose love and devotion.


With this, we complete the August challenge of ‘Mindful Living.”

It was an okayish attempt to get into the momentum. Of beginning to write and living mindfully every day. The takeaway was I was aware where August was flowing. The experience was lovely.

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