My Soulitude

Decaying, yet hope springs eternal!!!

The blog is dying


I know, I know. This blog is decaying, akin to an unwatered plant. Dying in neglect.

Doesn’t it happen often though? The things we love die? People too? And so does the relationships…

So does my blog…

I love it unconditionally, in spite of its failings, in spite of it being devoid of words, in spite of it not having anything to show up for. It’s the only unfiltered, undiluted space I share with you. It’s the only place I feel like being myself.

Doesn’t it happen often though? We ignore the things we love the most. We take them for granted. That’s the law of life.

Yet, there is hope, like with everything else in life. That a green will show up somehow, that the dead will wake up, that the decayed will revive. Only time will tell. But I want it to survive, in spite of its failings.

Hope springs eternal!!!


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