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The Summer of 2019!

The summer of 2019


In the last post, we talked about Spring, metaphorically. How about Summers today? Do you love Summers? Well, I do but partially. Winters have always been my favouritest. Summers can be scary with long, heated afternoons that are mostly spent inside. In home, office, cafe, mall, but some place enclosed. Sitting indoors in AC waiting for the sun to set so that I can set for my evening walk is a sultry summer tale in itself.

Summers hinder digestion, not just of the food but things otherwise. My digestion power for patience weans too. I am way more accommodating in winters than summers. Imagine its winters and we have a plan to meet. You come late. The chances are I won’t mind much. I will soak in the winter sun, take a stroll wherever I am, observe people on the road and be okay with it. Try doing the same in summers and be ready to face the heat. I won’t have patience for your latecoming. I would be cranky and cursing. Where do I wait up while you show ? Under a mango tree? I don’t see much trees anyway, anywhere. There is more concrete now. Going by my writing, you must have guessed some heat has gotten into my head too. Ploughing pleasantness in mundane things gets hard during this time of the year. Then comes the sweat. Who likes sweat? Okay, the more you sweat, the more you succeed. But I had given up on being successful long time ago. So the sweat no longer charms me. But summers and sweat are synonyms, and that’s why summers and I are antonyms.

Now as much as I may detest summers, I also don’t like not liking something. It creates a divide, a negative connotation to the relation. So, let’s settle with this. I prefer winters and make an effort to like summers too.  I won’t be too harsh on summers just the way they are on me. So here are its dues…the cold coffees, the mangoes, the ice-creams and the best part, I love summers the their dryness. Everything dries up quickly. The clothes, the hair, the bathroom floors, the kitchen counter. Even the desire to live, 🙂 , okay just sometimes.

Yet, the summer of 2019 will always be special. Why? Because it will never come again. That’s how I charm myself into things I don’t enjoy. Suddenly, the summer of 2019 feels special.


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