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Why I write these everyday stories here in the blog and in my diary. How I got up, spent the day, jumbled emotions, who said what, how I reacted, how my mind thinks, and so on. What makes this ordinary living noteworthy and what do I achieve through this? Why would someone love to read what I do in a day that involves pretty much the same things that they do every day. Still, I write for myself selfishly. It’s therapeutic to write everyday stories which is why I do it regularly, unlike so many regulars I want to include in my list—-exercise, clean eating, meditation, professional work, reading, writing a book.

The fact is, every day stories sell too. I used to (still do) consume a lot of content that involves watching people’s mundane lives. Most of the youtube vlogs are filled with everyday-living content and they have viewers in big numbers. How someone makes tea, cooks meals, cleans utensils, dust their homes, feed a child, perform morning routines, makes morning magic drink, bedtime weight loss tea, and so on. We all connect with one another on this mundane level too. Human stories are what are movies and OTT content is all about. We all are everyday stories, some sell, some don’t. Irrespective of that, each one of us is a story worth living.

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