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What do you do when the Sun god shows up after more than 10 days off: Surya namaskar, sun bathing, a sun prayer? Hmmm only if you are unmarried. The married ones (men, women included) quickly take the clothes’ stand out of the room into the sun. Period.


“I know you will not fire me from job. You are a good person, and that’s why I am taking advantage of you. Even XYZ (a female colleague) exploits your goodness by asking period leaves three times a month, only to get Fridays off.” So goes a dialogue in ‘After Life’, a series on Netflix, that left me in splits. It’s a dark comedy but some one-liners do make you sit back and take note of how we just go along with so many things in life without introspecting. (Warning: watching the whole of it may test your patience. I have not been that patient yet).


What do you do when you are not inspired? You read (or see) inspiring work. Trust me, it does wonders. While you may not become Amitabh Bachchan overnight, you will become 1% better at whatever it is that you are doing. That’s good considering, to begin with, you were unmotivated.



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