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February—-The Month of (Self) Love!

Self love makes life beautiful
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Second month of the new year is upon us. Some years ago, February was the month when winters would start fading away, thick sweaters paved way for delicate woollens, leftover leaves started falling and nature started preparing for the spring. Not anymore though. It’s more of a winter month now with unpredictable weather, as wobbly as life in today’s times.

I usually associate the vibe of the month with the festivals associated with it. February’s fragrance is all about love. Needless to say, Valentine’s Day vibes add to its charm and why not. We should celebrate life and love till we alive.

Love is usually talked about in relation to someone else negating the need to forge a strong bond with our self. Self-Love is the biggest form of love, I am told, as I delve deep into it as a newbie while still swooning over Shah Rukh Khan and his DDLJ and DTPH songs, where love overpowered everything. Is Shah Rukh Khan synonymous with Self-Love too? 🙂


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