My Soulitude

I Want To Break Free!



I want to break free


I want to break free…
Of this world, and its fixed ways,
Of its rituals and rigidness,
Of its perceptions the way things should be,
Of the path I am supposed to walk.

I want to break free…
Of the vicious circle of life and death,
Of the turns of sunset and sunrise,
Of the pattern of dark and light,
Of the cycle of failure and success.

I want to break free…
Of noble gestures and decent deeds,
Of good karma, and the kindness you may reap,
Of society’s boxed meaning of goodness and righteousness,
Of everything either being right or wrong.

I want to break free…
Of your labels and definitions,
Of everything easy, cute and docile,
Of the need that people be my way,
Of desires and the pain that emerges henceforth.

I want to break free…
Of a life of small pleasures,
Of a life of monotony and mediocrity,
Of the life of success,
Of these marks that define me.

The world prefer the meek,
Who walk in line,
And keep the sanctity of this world alive,
Abide by its dictum of nodding in delight.

I want to be me. Just Me. Pure Me. Undiluted Me,
Whatever the fuck it may mean,
No boxes, no walls, no set boundaries to befall,
If my good is your bad, then let it be,
I want to revel in it, float in it.

Why should I live by your dictum?
I have defied it and will defy it,
With every force of my exploration,
Fighting for your flag is not the only fight.
Some fights run scarier, bloodier and deeper.

The world disowns those who don’t obey,
The world outcasts those who defy,
The world shuns those whom it can’t typecast,
The world strangles those whose ideas threaten peaceful pattern of this world.

Yet, I am everything you don’t want me to be,
I don’t even want your version to match mine,
I don’t seek your approval,
Label me at the lowest if you will.

Let the game begins,
Let the dirt flow,
Let the words scratch,
Let the heart bleed.

I am not new to the game,
I have faced it all,
When did I have it all rosy,
When was life was so easy.

If I win, I win my freedom,
I have nothing to lose except your given labels,
I don’t mess with yours, you don’t mess with mine.
Else, nothing in this world will be fine.

Let the rebel takes the centrestage,
I will meet you on the other side of the lane.
A wild river on a criss-cross path,
Flowing at its free will in the direction it wants.



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