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Leo ‘Full Moon’ today!

Leo full moon asks us to shed the old and welcome change
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“This Leo full moon is ripe with energy to get us out and living again. If we’ve been deep in the process of transformation, albeit a necessary one, this energy asks us to get out into the world again. To see our friends and loved ones. To let our heart expand again. To be open to the unexpected love and beauty that awaits us, if only we have our eyes and heart open to receive all that’s here for us.”

Leo rules the heart. The life force energy. Governed by the sun, the solar plexus, our power center, Leo is the lion. The loyal, devoted, love-with-all-you-got feline. Leo energy begs the question:

“How does it feel to embody your true, authentic self and allow yourself to express and emanate that light?” 

Many of us (through our own shades of conditioning and trauma manifestation) have learned to be afraid to show ourselves to the world. To let ourselves and our uniqueness be seen. To be witnessed in our glory. Many of us carry a cloak of shame noosed around our neck just waiting for someone to call us a fraud, or be seen for the flaws we fear could bury us. This Leo full moon helps us change all this.

But Leo energy is not here to ask of us perfection. It’s not here to say we can’t have flaws. It’s here to say, “When presented with the opportunity to stand lit up in your gifts and beauty, do you step into front and center of your own damn life? Or do you shy away out of unworthiness because somehow that still feels safer?”

We didn’t come here to withhold from the world our light, though. Not only is it a disservice to ourselves, but to the world. To the collective. To the Aquarius energy we are swimming in. Leo, the individual, is here to make its mark on the collective after all. But, we can only do so when we are standing in our own power, in the driver seat of our life. Make full use of Leo full moon today.


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