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My biggest life lesson!

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We all have been there, be it the worst times or the worst mistakes, or both. Both are terrible, lonely, self-questioning, self-deprecating and soul-breaking. Worst times last too long and worst mistakes have long-lasting consequences. They are heavy, stressful and tenebrous phases. Our strong resistance towards them only adds to their power. We run helter-skelter, scared and stifled. We try to dust them off or search for umpteen ways to whisk them away.

Unwanted and detested, they still arrive, silently and slightly. And they come to stay till we learn our lessons prudently. They may come once, twice or last a lifetime. They open our hearts to pain. Our souls bleed but we also learn to heal. They bring along anger, frustration and desperation that transforms into calmness, strength and resilience by the time they leave. Remember?

What has been my biggest life learning from the worst times and worst mistakes?


Be it birth, be it death,
Be it high, be it low,
Be it praise, be it humiliation,
Be it abundance, be it scarcity,
Be it joy, be it sorrow,
Nothing lasts a lifetime to furrow!

No matter what conspires, life moves on. Even in matters of life and death. No matter how hard the times or mistakes may feel, it is still a cog in the wheel, a minuscule play in the larger schemes of things. Everything balances out in the play of life. What truly matters is, to keep playing and upping your game!


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