My Soulitude


The pain of a broken heart,

The hurt of failed relationships,

The hollowness of misunderstandings,

The breaking of trust,

The failing of emotions,

The silence of sadness,

The stillness of grief,

The drying of tears,

The heaviness of heart,

The quivering of mind,

The night of fight,

The unspoken words,

The fear of loss,

The betrayal of feelings,

And the heart so numb,

As to where have we reached,

From loud laughs in the open,

To silent crying behind closed doors,

Can this night be over soon?


2 thoughts on “Pain!”

  1. At the end of the tunnel, there is always light
    Listen to your heart, you will pass this night
    And will again hit the road, explore and roar
    It’s a phase, a moment, just hang in there tight…

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