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Permanence of the impermanence!

Knowing what life entails is some times not enough to chew on when it actually happens. Being aware of its impermanence hardly makes us do what should be done. Have lost many people to death in last few months, a few have been born, and some have taken ill. It’s all a roller coaster, nothing new and yet hard. How to live fully in this bubble when it’s a given it will burst. Being on a spiritual journey can be tedious but there is no other way out though this life journey. With so many projections and noise in today’s digital world, un-layering the truth seems a task. What is the ultimate truth? How to seek, which direction to go? The answers are available, the struggle is to make the effort and experience them. Being stuck and moving in loops is the foremost challenge to be addressed. Most of what I have written is a mumbling of a tired body. Better to sleep and rejuvenate.

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