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If you mistook me for dead, you did the right thing. I am showing up here after almost two months. Got lost in excessive solitude if my two posts this year are any indicator. Life is happening moment by moment and see, how two months have passed by. All the things/events I mentioned in previous posts have been done with. A beautiful soul entered our lives on January 22, 2021. Yes, I became an aunt (bua) and life has been filled with pure joy by merely watching the infant sleep.

Let’s call him AY (his first mention in my blog), the magician of our lives at the moment. Though all he does is sleep, feed, poop and repeat, he has filled many lives with happiness and hope and a renewed sense of living. Completing his mandated 40 days inside home, he went to a temple and his paternal house yesterday. His first trip of life.

As of me, life is still the same——lost, happy & beautiful.

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