My Soulitude

Stagnant, Stoic or Slow?

Which one are you? One of these, all or none. Wait, is there even a comparison of these words? I am not sure. Then why am I writing about it? To think out aloud to differentiate between them.

With so much information accessible today, I find myself in a spot to understand what is right and wrong. Every thought and action I take has an equal and opposite viewpoint. The head spins and heart freezes. More than I would like to accept.

End result, most of the time, I end up questioning what to feel. There is a maze of thoughts and feelings in the head and heart. Feeling happy, don’t feel happy in happiness. Feeling sad, what are you sad for? Feeling hurt, it’s not good for emotional well-being. Don’t do ill to others. If someone does, it’s your past life karma.  

I mean I do get the knowledge behind life lessons, but there are days when I want to unabashedly feel what I am feeling. Without guilt, without shame.

Do you?


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