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Swinging, a lost pleasure!

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Self Love is swinging. Happened to visit my home after long, and this swing brought back memories of time when we were a family of 5, parents and three children, and spent evenings chatting and enjoying evening tea.

Today, as I pushed back my legs a bit, giving a slight thrust to the swing, I felt the breeze on my face. As the swing moved back and forth, so did I talking to air and feeling the joy, the gay abandon of the chid that I once was. Small joys of growing up that get lost with time.

Today, swinging brought back those feelings, which we think we remember, but actually don’t. It’s only when those situations present themselves again, we feel what we felt then, eons ago. That similarity, that nostagia, that association of what we once were, all bring back a tickling feeling in the stomach. Of times gone by and how you cannot live that time again.

It places huge value on living every moment mindfully. Of living this moment which is full, all the while swinging!

Self love is swinging whenever life gives a chance!


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