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Wedding Snippets

Weddings, specifically family weddings, are great entertainers. The most beautiful part is the love and longing shared by the bride and the groom. Then there are rituals with deep meanings performed playfully. Everyone looking beautiful in shiny clothes, glowing make-up and big smiles for the pictures. The rising and falling love graph among the relatives is the Indian tadka that add a lot of spice to the already glittering ceremony. They are the best playgrounds to display all sorts of emotions with a bang. If you haven’t attended a full-fledged family wedding, you have missed out on great lessons of life. (life quotes, life is beautiful, weddings are beautiful).

I attended one recently, the pictures of which I have displayed with flying colors below.

Gurudwara wedding during the day
Indian weddings are big on entertainment and emotions.
At the sangeet

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