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When Malgudi Days came alive three decades later!

Malgudi Days on Amazon Prime
Malgudi Days was aired on Doordarshan in 1987. (Image Credit: Internet)

The irony was palpable. Sitting in an air-conditioned room, eyes glued to a large screen LED TV fitted with Firestick, and watching Malgudi Days being played on Amazon Prime. Even otherwise reticent A couldn’t help being amused at the presence of technology all around that took him back in time (almost three decades) to be part of 10-year-old Swami’s life and his struggles. Nostalgia engulfed the air in the room. Emotions overflowed. Scenes from childhood emerged right in front of A’s eyes. He turned around the head again to acknowledge the magnitude of the reality that was slowly sinking in. Digital era had brought him closer to memories of Doordarshan era when entertainment was way different. When life was way simpler. When we were kids and our entire entertainment world was wrapped around Doordarshan. When there were no repeat telecasts. Today, watching Malgudi Days on TV brought back a sea of long-forgotten memories of an era gone by. Technology begets nostalgia. The irony was palpable.

Watching Malgudi Days on Amazon Prime was quite nostalgic
Doordarshan came alive on Amazon. (Image Credit: Internet)

(As shared by A. Feelings are his, words mine.)


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  1. ha ha..what a coincidence! I also saw the same show same episode few days back and felt same!! far but connected πŸ˜›

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