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When my happy post drowns in sorrow!

happy to sad
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You are beaming with joy. The sun is shining and so is your soul. You open the laptop and begin to scribble. Words flow effortlessly and a happy blog post starts taking shape. You visualize the outcome and a spark of joy touches your heart. You begin to feel like Julia Child who perhaps may have felt the same joy imagining how the dish will turn out to be. Suddenly, a bad thought comes from nowhere and sits in your head. It triggers all the negative emotion snatching away the happiness you had just found yourself surrounded with. One thought leads to umpteen unhappy experiences and before you know, you find yourself engulfed in sorrow. While you have all the power to change your thoughts and mood, and swap it with happy thoughts again, you are unable to do so as sadness stays longer and deeper. You feel the pain of the past in the present and the happy post gets stuck here. Even for the sake of writing a post, you are unable to progress further.

Now what to do?

Write what you started without feeling or rework the article and change the narrative? The happy post may become the sad post. The dishes do get burnt, no? So does the blog post. Gone to the ashes until the spark is lit again.

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