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Sunday Solitude!

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Rarely, there are Sundays that are spent in solitude. Today was one of those. Solitude and plenty of time reigned supreme. It was a day I spent doing exactly what I love the most——–watching the day pass by sprinkled with labour of love here and there. Got up around 8 am and spent the first two hours cooking. Strangely and to the point of fainting, I cooked by choice and lovingly. Prepared the Sunday lunch and by 12 noon was done with major house chores for the day. The remaining day was spent in thinking, dreaming, planning, reading and watching. December is a romantic month and an year-end. Reflecting on the year gone by is natural. Unpleasant experiences bring up the pain again, and the good ones make you smile and nostalgic. Life has been majorly good, apart from areas that need to be fixed desperately.

The winter sun and the house I stay in make up for beautiful winters. The view is something I can’t take my eyes off. Plus, a beautiful experience to look forward to is on the cards. God’s grace is needed with every breath. I strongly remember wishing for such times during my struggle days of youth. With every cell of my body wanting a certain kind of life. With a few hits and misses, it is that. Life’s circle makes me wonder more than often, every thing is offered when the universe deems it perfect. Never to our liking and dislike. Two major areas done, and my life would be sorted if nothing else changes.

However, I am fully aware life works weirdly too. So, enjoying the moment and wishing nothing but the best for myself and every other soul.

Happy December!

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