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Why I Cannot Be Rich!

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After more than 3 decades of my existence on this earth, I am finally convinced that I cannot be rich (financially) in this birth. Few years ago, I had some hopes of making it big in life and being a part of the famous ‘rags to riches’ story that will take the world (okay…make it country) by storm. I kept hoping against hope that may be some day, my stars will shine, throwing away Rahu, Ketu and Shani out of my horoscope and placing Kuber devta in my life. But not anymore.

Now I am fully convinced that me & money have a long way to go before we become friends, and I have my own reasons for that…

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I don’t wish it from my heart

I am a firm believer of the fact that if you want something from deep inside your heart, you get it without a doubt (or jab kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to sari kainat tumhe usse milane me lag jati hai, it sounds musical this way, no?). You know what it is to wish for something with your heart & soul? When day & night, you feel a void and pray for “that something” to fill your life. It could be anything, something as inane as a good dress to a palatial house, some good professional position, certain kind of a lifestyle, some sacred relationships to a spiritual high. It could be anything & money certainly is not that in my life. And believe me, it cannot happen without God’s evil (or good) plans (I don’t want to upset God more). Whenever I decide that enough is enough and I need to pray to God and ask for money, something happens in my head and heart, and the prayer for money never comes. I have tried this many times but always failed. Hence, I am not rich. Sigh!!!

 I don’t want to work full-time

In spite of working for almost 10 years, I gave up my full-time job a few years ago and don’t intend to join the rat race anytime soon (God willing). I do want to work but not full-time. Since then, I have been taking up freelance & contractual projects, through which I earn peanuts. In spite of many decent options, I am not yet ready to give up my freedom to earn some bucks. I have earned the tag of “just being a housewife”, have been accused of “wasting my education” but none of these allegations have made me change my decision. My freedom is still my priority. So, at a time when most of my friends are employed and building on their assets like a house, property for investment, big cars, saving for kids…I am the odd one out who is just watching other people grow rich. Sigh!!!

P.S: To top it all, most of the time, it’s family & friends who want just some little help with writing, proofing or just polishing some work (remember my post on Parrot). Even now, I have work piling up on my table but (yes, you guessed it right) it’s all for free. Sigh!!!

Saving is not in my genes

Saving? Did I say saving? What is that…I think I read or heard this word somewhere, may be in a dictionary or business channel… coz this word does not exist in my word list. No matter how much money I earned, my bank balance never grew. It remained the same. Credit is what comes, debit is what goes, I learned this definition only after watching Fukrey, not before that. With such poor financial knowledge and planning, do you think I can be rich? I know the answer. Sigh!!!

If I have to choose between ‘Think & Grow Rich’ and ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ , I will choose the latter

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Don’t know why but I will. I have been reading spiritual (it started with self-help) books since ages, even when the time was to read “Get rich quickly types of book.” May be I thought if God was on my side, who will need the money. The irony is I have become a perfect case of “Maya Mili Na Ram”. Sigh!!!

Between rich husband and love, I chose Love

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(Pic: From Net (

If you cannot be rich, marry a rich guy or vice-versa. I, however, went the other way round and chose love. So, whatever last hopes I had of money flowing in my bank account, were dashed. Sigh!!!

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