My Soulitude

Why This Blog? 

Photo Credit : Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I Have Grown Up Reading People’s Stories. Stories That Helped Me Navigate Life With Ease When It Was Tedious. Stories That Were My Only Companion When I Was Alone.

I Want The Same For You.

To Have Stories For Life. To Have That Imperfect Someone Who Has Failed And Struggled And Is Nothing Close To What Is There On Everyone’s Instagram Feeds. Someone Who Has Fallen And Still Not Gotten Up Yet. Someone Who Doesn’t Make For A Best-Seller Story.

Here Is Me And My Life—-The Ordinary, The Simple, The Mundane—-But A Story Nevertheless. That’s Important.

Even If A Single Heart Finds My Words A True Companion Amidst Tough Moments In Life, My Purpose Will Be Deeply Fulfilled. I Want To Give Back To People. Many People’s Blogs And Their Stories Have Been My Sole Companion When No One Seemed To Understand Me. May God Bless The Bloggers And Storytellers Whose Public Sharing Made My Journey Less Lonely.

By Sharing My Life And Experiences Here, I Want To Let You Know, “You Are Not Alone.”

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