My Soulitude

A day in my life!

(Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash)

A hospital visit on cards today. For some follow ups of both the parents. Sadness and gratitude both come alive whenever visiting a hospital.

Life seems so precious on days like this. My resolve to take care of my health and that of parents become strong when I am in hospital.

That’s a different story that after check-ups, drained physically and emotionally, we visit the hospital cafeteria and sip on coffee and snacks. That’s the human mind for you. Err, may be my mind only, as not everyone is as health unconscious as me.

On reaching home, I forget the hospital scare and indulge in life as usual. God is laughing seeing me human so drowned in my vices.

Whatever happens, it’s a happy feeling to be alive with all life’s glory and goriness. To be breathing, healthy and having family around. 

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