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Do you know of a place where you are always a child? Even at 39!

A place where you are a child at 39! 
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The tiffin is tightened. Double wrapped for extra protection. A spoon slided in side. Some fruits for nourishment, of body and soul. One meal for lunch and one packed for the night because the mother knows the daughter. Besides, that’s what comes naturally to her. Giving! She is a mother. Remember?

Another bag full of takeaways. And undiluted love!
Mango pickle and chutney, mango mint chutney, homemade white butter, roasted cumin seeds, dried mint, dried methi. All home-made spices. Organic, just like parents’ love. Pure and unconditional!

While mother’s love comes packed in food, father’s love come in their constant concern, and mangoes. And his specialities, “gurh ki chai”, mango shake and paneer toast. All childhood memories served in a plate. Stocking the fridge with nutrients. Added anjeer & apricots. Things we normally don’t eat. Sometimes picking you up from bus stand. Sometimes dropping you home, when situations turn averse. Which they often do.

Who else does that for you in life? Even now. It’s a blessing to have a place where you are a child at 39!.

What a blessing of life! To have parents. A parents home to run to when you want to be a child. To be the recipient of unconditional love and care in the world that always demands of you. A home where you slide into the fetal position of being cocooned, protected, like no where else. Away from the callings of the world.

A place where all four of us (siblings & A) throw to the wind the cautions of the world and simply revel. In the bubble of gay abandon. In raptures. A temple always open to all, loving, hospitable, compassionate, and the resultant chaos too, a byproduct of all things above. Imperfect and impetuous. A home witness to our regular fights and difference of opinions. Of throwing tantrums, growing up pains, evolving of our beings into different personalities. Amalgamating into better understanding of relationships, the crests and the troughs of human bonds, the failings and the ecstasies of it.

It’s a blessing to have a place where you are a child at 39!.

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