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Can ‘being lost’ be a happy space!



Can 'being lost' be a happy phase
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Taking it forward from the last post, I ask again. Have you ever felt lost and not found? How is it, the feeling? To be lost in the woods (for glamour, remember?).¬†Standing at the crossroad in spite of the choices ahead. You are at the light point. The road ahead is diverging into four lanes. The light gets green but you don’t know which road to take. The pain becomes deep when the world seems to be zipping by. Confidently striding ahead with crystal-clear clarity. Aiming right.

And here you are, standing, stagnating and sulking. Confusion and chaos being your only companions on this road trip. The throat is dry, the eyes are tired, the body is freezed and the mind lost. The choices ahead holds no meaning when you are lost. Every road looks meaningless. Every way leads nowhere. You may walk a few steps here and few there. But every step you take turns out to be a wrong one. You lose your confidence. You no longer feel you can decide right. You fear every nod you give, for it may turn out disastrous. Your past experiences are a deterrent. The demons of humiliation and harassment of being proved wrong in the past raise their head. Every voice in your head tells you, “You are wrong.” How to make way when the whole universe is seemingly conspiring against you.

The scenario may look grim but there is always a silver lining. Not everything is lost in ‘being lost’. Lost and not found. Can ‘being lost’ be a happy space? Yes, it absolutely can be. A fun place where you can revel in your dilemma. Take a breath and enjoy being lost. Yes, it looks frivolous, it may be a sham, do it anyway. As it is nothing worthwhile is happening. Do the unobvious. Make your scars your identity. Wear them proudly. When life gives you nothing to be proud of, use your failures as your proud achievements. Make your every wrong your own. Don’t resist. Being lost is the first omen life sends out to you to melt the ego. The ‘I’. Embrace the humility. Every other person will have the qualification to instruct you. Every voice from the outside will point fingers at you. Take it in your stride. That’s the biggest learning life is offering you. Shed your layers and look deeper. You may have no other place to go except inside, your heart and soul, and being. You will resist that too. Every cell of your body will flicker incessantly with rage and anger. Simmer in it. Ultimately, you will align with the life’s unveiling. That’s the beauty of being lost. Lost and not found.

Can ‘being lost’ be a happy space? Answer again.

There are other perks too, of being lost and not found. You have all the roads opening in front of you. The choices are galore. Exploration can be boundless. The option to fail is always an option. If one road doesn’t lead to the destination, you can come back and explore the other three. You can even aim for something different. On taking that road trip, you may find something more appealing. Something you never knew even existed. Something different than what you were looking for. All roads become your playground. Jump, fall or stick around, or do something unobvious. The choices are abundant.

Can ‘being lost’ be a happy space? Answer again.

Another perk is, the world has lost its enthusiasm to question you, your life and your ways. You are lost, faded into the oblivion. Like you, they also forget you exist. For once, you can escape their dreadful questions. Their brick-bats for opting a different way. You are not under spotlight and can manage to goof up as much as you want. When lost, no one expects you to create miracles. No one is watching you and that’s when the real work begins. Away from the public eye, in solitude. Far away from pretensions. Far away from doing something so that no one questions you, or doing it because everyone is doing, or doing it for the sake of doing. Without meaning to do it. Without intending to do it. Without having the heart and will to do it. In oblivion are written great life stories. Because that’s when you sit and do the real work, the ground work, the hard work. That’s when you separate the wheat from the chaff.¬†

Can ‘being lost’ be a happy space? Answer again.

The benefits of being lost doesn’t end here. There are more. I will leave a space here to help you find your own. Yours will be different than mine. Similar but different. Throw the umbrella you have to protect you from the vagaries of weather. Being lost gives you a beautiful option to be fearless. Who can scare a person who is lost? Don’t find directions in your directionlessness. Fly in the sky when no road leads anywhere. “Unmukt aakash ki udaan.” ‘Being lost’ is a road trip where you reach nowhere but everywhere you reach is somewhere.

Can ‘being lost’ be a happy space? Answer again.







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