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Accepting a NO!

dealing with a No


Mindful Observation ——Day 5

I am learning to say “No,” setting my boundaries. But how well do I know to take a ‘No’? The journey has been impressive but needs more ground work. I started off as an overly sensitive kid, and today, I am an adult who has learnt to handle Nos. On mindful observation, I have realised not all ‘Nos’ are taken equally and without getting hurt. ‘Nos’ by outer circle of people are dealt with peacefully but not by close circle of people. If I dig further, may be it’s not about outer or inner circle, but how badly I expect/want a ‘Yes’. Getting a ‘No’ when I take for granted a ‘Yes’ is challenging. Sometimes, it hurts at the spur of the moment with the emergency/ emotions involved. After a while, I am able to understand the other person’s perspective. Satisfying part is, I don’t keep grudges for long. One ‘No’ that stings is, the ones said by house maids (lol). Why so? Needs a mindful observation.

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