My Soulitude

An unjust world!

The thing pestering me these days. My ugly artwork always turns out to be a masterpiece. And the artwork I make with the intention of being a masterpiece turns out dud. It amazes and angers me in equal proportions.

The last chapati. This is the masterpiece I am taking about. It always fluffs (phooli hui roti), comes out in perfect round shape no matter how ruthlessly I make it. The irony is, it is often put on the tawa with least effort and highest disinterest. The last chapati is an hurried act to finish the remaining dough and wind up the chapati-making chore, Usually, the limits of standing in the boiling kitchen have reached the zenith and I wait to throw the last chapati on tawa and run out of the kitchen. And always to surprise and shock, it turns out to be a masterpiece. Round, uniform, soft and fluffy.

Wonder where I go wrong while making first, second and third chapati. Any inputs and advice?


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