My Soulitude

At Crossroads!

Never before, this blog has seen this kind of a lull. Silent. Ignored. Sidelined. While my pain knows no bound, the irony is I am the originator/root cause/mother of this pain. It’s an internal agony caused by none else than your truly, My Soulitude.

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The thing with this blog is, posts come only when the heart sings or cry. This blog has no sales pitch and hence, no readers, of course. It was/is my life diary. Since I have nothing to say, the pages are dry. I can’t fill them just to waste my words. While the heart feels so much, sharing it has not been coming that easy. I am feeling deeply what life is offering but to express all that here, is not happening organically.

There is another level of lull in my life because of this, and yet, I am not ready to write just anything to make this blog work. I have never sought perfection over natural instincts, even if those natural instincts are given all sort of external tags.

Now, I am at crossroads. Should I close this blog down after 13 years when it is serving no purpose at all, except for the added financial constraints? Even writing it gives goosebumps but practically, it would be the wise decision. Or should I give it one last chance for redemption?

I am yet to decide.

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