My Soulitude

Someone woke me up today!

Not the one to wake up before 9 am these days, I was jostled out of bed today by some force of nature. I was out of bed by 8 am, and finished my domain renewal, a task weighing so heavily on my mind since long. Strangely enough, I have been on this for last one week but was facing hiccups repeatedly to the point that I had almost given up.

Today, out of nowhere, I jumped out of my bed with this though in mind, and to my surprise, finished the task seamlessly. This post is a tribute to the universe for making things happen out of nowhere when it wants.

2024 has started well, with a short trip on cards in this foggy winter. I love nesting in my house in January, but always end up in a trip here and there, much to my chagrin. I’am accepting it with a smile at the moment.

Here’s to 2024 and keeping fingers crossed.

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