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August Company!

Mindful living day 1


I have decided to begin the month of august in an august company. Whose? Mine! Me with my ‘Self’. Though I do spend a lot of time alone, still that does not always suffice to self-improvement. From this month on, I am taking a small step towards living mindfully. Being more aware of what goes inside my head. What thoughts dominate the space and is there a pattern?


Mindful observation —-Day 1 

As soon as I wake up, especially after an afternoon nap (not after night’s sleep), my subconscious mind dominates. I feel fresher and purer. More in tune with my inner self, healed and repaired. All negative thought patterns seem to disappear and mind feels completely at ease, almost without any thoughts. It takes a while to return to this physical world. Parents, childhood and life in general, all glides by in a jiffy. Then, I think of A assuringly, who is the only one to be present at home. Sitting silently in that fleeting feeling feels good. However, a few times, I have felt entangled in my physical body. Unable to wake up even when I want to and in that moment, it feels scary.


Scientific fact

In this article, it is said that research confirms the brain, specifically the prefrontal cortex, is most active and readily creative immediately following sleep. Your subconscious mind has been loosely mind-wandering while you slept, making contextual and temporal connections. Creativity, after all, is making connections between different parts of the brain.

Dr. John Bigelow, a famous research authority on sleep, in this article says, it is demonstrated that at night while
asleep you receive impressions showing that the nerves of the eyes, ears, nose, and taste
buds are active during sleep, and also that the nerves of your brain are quite active. He
says that the main reason we sleep is because “the nobler part of the soul is united by
abstraction to our higher nature and becomes a participant in the wisdom and
foreknowledge of the gods.”

Dr. Bigelow states also, “The results of my studies have not only strengthened my
convictions that the supposed exemption from customary toils and activities was not the
final purpose of sleep, but have also made clearer to my mind the conviction that no part
of a man’s life deserves to be considered more indispensable to its symmetrical and
perfect spiritual development than the while he is separated from the phenomenal world
in sleep.”


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