My Soulitude

Silence & Words!


Somehow, words fail me (ahh, well mostly). I take cover under silence but that too doesn’t always work. In my confusion between the two, I choose what the situation demands. Words do well when I meet a stranger, a new neighbour or a colleague. Words bind relationships. So I take an effort to speak when with people, using words sparingly where I am uncomfortable, and liberally where I have the onus of keeping a conversation going.

Silence bodes well for prayer, communicating with nature, and when I am being misjudged for words (read quite often). My casual approach towards words make me a poor communicator. With time, you learn to use the two successfully and find your balance. As you age, you start sorting more. You feel secured with your shortcomings. And that’s such a wonderful gift of adding years. Now, I choose silence over words and words over silence. The demarcation is fading.


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