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Benign beginning!

Hi All,

Welcome to my blog. It’s been long that I wanted to start one. I read other people’s blog and enjoy it a lot. It’s a world of its own, to read others’ experiences and take on life. Then thought why not to have one of my own. I do write a diary and love to pen down my thoughts, then why not blog. May be I hesitated, as I know myself well and that consistency is not my game. Secondly, I am more of a pen-and-a pad person than a laptop (yes, yes, I know I seem to belong to an old generation of book-lovers, which yes I am). Though I help many of my friends with their blogs, but could never get into any action for mine. As ironic as it may sound, I am always helping others to write well, but never write myself. I work without credit. Not that I mind (who asked you to choose editing as a profession, my sister would quip reading this). But sometimes, it hits you. Why not write yourself rather than helping others to write. (And please it’s not that I write too well. I am just talking about it in my own humble way.) My job entails polishing what others write, and at times, re-writing too. Then, being in this profession, people are always asking you, is it okay if I write this? If someone has to write a mail, he’ll ask you to do the honours. If a friend has to fill some form, he will ask you, is it correct English? If another is writing an article, he’ll say, “yaar thodi help to karde, kya fayada tere journalist hone ka” (please help, what’s your advantage of being a journalist). And that’s not all, most of the phone calls are related to this. I mean imagine this: Your sister, who works in a far away place called Mumbai, calls you. You glow thinking she must be missing you. Then she whispers hurriedly, “Hey, I am in office, need to write an invite for an office party, please mail me urgently. *Glow gone*. Your brother, who hardly miss you even when you are away from home, calls. You glow again. He says, “Didi, yaar dekhna yeh sentence thik hai kya?” (Please see if this sentence is okay). *Glow gone*.

So, the point is, I was happy helping others in writing and transferring the glow from my face to theirs. I was happy with my pen and diary. But then, inspiration came from someone in the most unexpected way, from someone I don’t know personally (MM I am talking about you, thanks), besides my own craving to have my own space.

So, here it is. My blog, starting today. I chose this day as it’s the most auspicious day for me. Hope I’ll be able to write regularly. I know I am not the best, not even good, but it’s me, naive and imperfect. Hope to have a nice beginning and an enriching journey. Wish me luck please.

Welcome to my blog, My Soulitude!

40 thoughts on “Benign beginning!”

  1. Hey congrats.
    it was a nice read.

    Wish u all the best. wish one day it becomes the most read, most visited and most liked blog.


  2. its ok kind or i must say a professional beginning like ‘Sachin’ not like Shewag or Gilchrist ….

    a beginning of a never ending blog….
    all d best

    1. Hi Eshan!
      So sorry, don’t know how your comment was not approved.
      really sorry. Thanks a lot, lot, for caring to comment. Only you could write a feedback like this. This is so typically you. Love u, the naughtiest creature. Thanku.

  3. Well,Sometimes you must do things you are so notorious about being you..So here you get your first critic.I don`t believe that you can go with you blog for long time if you don`t employ your self selflessly.Appoint a fixed time and login and log out from you blog in time(and as they say it might start paying you as well)
    P.S log out is important

    1. You said it right M. I had this fear always and it was one of the reasons I never took to blogging. But some fear need to be conquered, I am all prepared to fail. And yes, critics are always important to show u a different point of view. Thanks a lot.

  4. Nice beginning. When the beginning is so good, I do not know the extremes to which your daily blogs can reach.
    Wish you all the very best and I am eagerly waiting for the update.

  5. I hope ur solitude resonates in hearts of many more people…all the best…don’t worry about consistency…write as you wish…thoughts are much better expressed when thought over 🙂

  6. Hey !simply no words….tears ran down my eyes while reading.Though others may find my this comment a bit weird but only i being ur sister can understand you completely.
    U R THE BEST…..n ya u have made a great beginning…..on this auspicious day which means us a lot….GOD will show you the ways….where lyf will be nothing but a bed of roses..coz u deserves nothing but the best……n yes ofcourse your family is always just behind you to support wherevr u fall…no matter what…So here’s my all the best to you……dont forget this comment is coming from ur biggest critic….. my dear sis.. 😉

  7. n yay we do miss u sis,jst dat may be we start taking close relations for granted n dont get tym to say how much they mean to us,how incomplete we are without these relations.
    You are an indespensable part of our lives…..without you we four will loose our essence…you are my identity…do u remember how i used to hate when ppl used to call me not by my name but as your s sister….though i used to hate that publicly but in my heart of heart i also used to cherish the special treatment i used to get being your sister…thnx fr lending me some spl moments n spl feel good behave frm ppl…I owe u so much..

    1. U got me in tears. Yes, I was bit surprised by ur comment, thinking what’s so emotional abt the whole thing. But after reading it I cried and cried. Only we can understand our pains and gains. Thanks for such an encouragement, yes, coming from u, my BIGGEST critic, they are invaluable, though I know its not abt the blog but just for a new beginning. Can never forget how we both used to prepare for interviews and GDs by conducting mock tests. Today, I feel proud that people call me ur sister. You have been my biggest support, u know it, by telling me what I never want to hear. Crystal clear. Thanks a million for motivating me by ur comment. I owe u lot. Just come soon now. waiting…

  8. Hey,
    Its been more than a decade we have seen each other. Its been a long journey since school days. Life is a wonderfull with UPs and Downs. Beauty lies in fact that the good and bad times give you the strength and courage to rebound back in full swing. The best part is that you know who stand by you in the bad and who are unconditional.

    Your blog no doubt is a very good start. It takes immence strength not to write but to share your life with others.
    Your article as I felt is about the good old times of togetherness, pain of leaving each other, emptiness (surely virtual one).

    Well wish you good luck and keep writing.
    Dialogue from movie ‘Not to worry, abhi hum zinda hain’ .

    Wish to see you some day soon.


    1. VS,
      Thanks for such a lovely response. U r the first one to actually comment on the post, and share your own views as well. But sorry, plz don’t mind, didn’t recognise you. From school? Plz elaborate.

      1. Hey,

        See the beauty of life. We spent all childhood together in school but still you didnt recognised me today.
        Let time unfold the mystery itself. I am your noname buddy.

        Well I have not seen any addition to your blog, seems like you are only replying to feeds.

        Dont loose focus on writing else it will be another social networking only.


        1. VS,
          The reason I asked you is that I know three people by your name. And if you are the same one as I am thinking, then u must be knowing the reason for my indifference.
          And yes, it’s my blog and not a newspaper that I will update it daily. I think u didn’t read it properly, as I have already said I am not too consistent. and about replying, I feel everyone who is taking out time to read and comment on my blog, deserves my response. Else, I would have never responded to ur comment.

  9. This is a wonderful blog which comes from a wonderful person! All the best for your soulful venture, which is sure to stir every soul that goes through it 🙂

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