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Peep into my life!

Since I am a new kid (grown-up) on the blog, let me give you a sneak-peek into my life. I have a small, loving, wonderful family consisting of BESTEST PARENTS in the world, a YOUNGER SISTER whom I have grown up with sharing clothes, accessories, bags and big fights too, and a YOUNGER BROTHER, who is the naughtiest of all. Having the bestest parents does not mean I never had my share of disagreements with them. It means they agree with our disagreement, give us space to explore and fail, and never burden us with unexpected expectations. However, sometimes, they can be quite demanding too. My sister is my shadow, three years younger, but more mature and clear in thinking than me. She is my biggest critic and doesn’t mind calling spade a spade. I still can’t do that to perfection. I never felt the need for a friend till she was with us. Felt a lot of vacuum when she left for Mumbai for her job a year back. My brother, the youngest in family, is ambitious like any youth and wants to make it big in life. He is flawless in managing things, be it a B’day party or fixing a broken electric appliance. But in studies, he was always lagging behind. Just before his exams, the whole house would be on fire searching for his notes and making him study. Dad would read out to him, mom would make tea for him, me and sis would keep laughing at the whole situation and silently, also worry for his results. Those were the days.

Such is our family of “Famous five.” We all used to live together, until I left home for my studies. I became a week-end kind of a guest then. Leaving home on Mondays (I hate Mondays) and coming back on Friday evenings. Still, we seemed together, may be because I was not at home to share that emptiness, which was not too big to be noticed. Then, came my sister’s turn to leave. She went to Mumbai to work. That was a big vacuum, especially for mom, as she was quite used to having her at home. Her presence had made my working away from home a bit easy. Now, I am a more worried. Who will help mom when she unwell, who will tell me all that’s happening at home without thinking that I will worry. But life moves on. Now, it’s my brother’s turn to leave home to work and it’s keeping me more worried. Though parents are kind of prepared to live alone (I had not expected but they have flown with the flow quite well), still heart sinks. The empty nest syndrome? When I am feeling so empty, how will the parents feel when my brother leaves. Since I am not working too far from home, I can feel their emptiness more. This was one reason I never preferred working in big town, the distance. Wonder, people go all across the globe and progress in life, and I am thinking only about crossing a state in my country. But then, it’s me and my family. So far, so good.

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  1. dear dear girl. a sigh escaped as soon as i read the entry. a sigh that has probably been feeling caged for years together. i left home after class 12 and since then there hasn’t been a time when i was at home being the kid. rather was there as the guest. you were at least lucky in having the weekends. i can feel the pain that you might be feeling right now and the pinch at the thought of parents being left alone after you and siblings have moved out of the nest but this i think a sacrifice that we have to make at the altar of our own journeys.
    i and my sister have been out of the house for almost a deacde now. what i have learnt and what i want to share via this comment with you is that after we moved out our parents were able to renew some of their hobbies and interest. mother is now able to take out some time for her own needs and wants. papa revels in the silence of the early morning ever more than ever. anyhow, all this takes time.
    we may miss out on being with them but yes they do deserve to be their own person after years devoted to raising sensitive and intelligent kids as you.

    1. Dear Aanandika,
      Yes, I can feel the emotions in your reply, as you have been through this. It was the first time that I moved out of home when I landed at the univ. U left after Class XII, must earlier and much longer hence. And you rightly said, parents deserve to be on their own, but after giving their whole life to kids, they tend to kind of forget it. So, yes, it will take time. The best thing about blogging is not writing, but getting to know others’ experiences in life as well. I just love it. Thanks for caring to comment.

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