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Bye-bye winters! Miss you already!

Camouflaged beautifully in winters, the extra inches and bulges seek revenge in summers by jumping out from every nook and corner of the body. They seem to be relishing the spotlight after winter hibernation. Shedding sweaters as spring approach is a tough changeover. This thing apart, I resist summers in general. As the temperature outside rises, something seethes inside me too. I hold on to my favourite winters refusing to let go. As if, I can rein in the changing season. Like any change in life, I know I have to adjust my ship’s sail than the season changing its course. But that doesn’t stop me from sharing my itch. While winters make me happy, summers makes me grumpy. Here’s why!


winters vs summers



  • Solitude is beautiful in winters, barren in summers

In winters, being alone is a romance I look forward to brew, holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a book or diary (or phone) in another. Basking in the warmth of my own company and the sun, time just zips by. Cuddled on a sofa under a blanket reading, what more could one ask for in life? Every moment feels a bliss. However, come summers and solitude turns into loneliness. Its charm fades, don’t know why. In summers, I just exist wiping the sweat off my body and wishing for winters.

winters vs summers

  • Smaller winter days vs long summer afternoons

In winters, the afternoon is short and crisp, lasting from 1 pm to 4 pm, which is so much sought-after post the morning domestic humdrum. Mornings begin late after lazing around in quilt, reading in bed, numerous cups of tea, and sometimes, most of the times, just staring out of the window. Life looks like a fairy tale. Winter afternoons are outdoors, bathing in the sun, turning over washed clothes (remember it’s my dream job), watching other people around, who are all out in the sun drying clothes, hair, pickles, blankets, and other things sundry.
Come summers and the days start getting longer, and bring with them lonely summery afternoons, which last from 12 pm till 7 pm until the sun goes down. Long, hot, dusty and uncanny silence interspersed with the ring of the doorbell. The maid arrives at 4.30 pm. Some vacuum is filled by her presence. Long summer hours imprison you inside the house, but going out feels a bigger punishment. There is no peace. It’s like, “Idhar kuan, udhar khaee.”


  • Winter travel is a delight, summer travel a sad plight

The winter sun is out, and so is the urge to travel. You can go on as many road trips, to a friend’s house, to open cafes and restaurants, for kinnow juice on the highways, a walk in the gardens (if you have in your city) or a mere stroll inside the society premises. There is no thinking twice. Summer travel is a pain at any time of the day. Even a morning walk is dreadful. The only activity I indulge in is wiping off the sweat! Sigh! Sither!


  • Winters the romance of life, summers the itch of life

Even a boring activity brings out the fun in winters, while the most interesting activity becomes drab in summers. Cooking derives an extra flavour in winters but lose all its spice in summers. The urge to bake a cake, enjoy hot meals and desserts all evaporate in high temperatures. Kitchen transforms from a place of worship to a battlefield. Having a tea or coffee numbs all pains of life in winters, while summers make even simply gulping down water feels drab. Sleep comes by so easy in winters. All I have to do is sit in a quilt and sleep. In summers sleep is a task to be completed. Body’s inner engineering takes such a 360-degree turn that sleep too turns its back on me. Washing hair is an option in winters. Absence of sweat means you can go on for days without a head-wash. Greys can be covered in caps and scarfs. Saves so much labour and resources. Summers make head-wash mandatory. No option left. Watering plants is convenient in winters. Once a week is good enough. In summers, watering two times a day also does not suffice. Summers wash off my romance like no other. All my favourite festivals come in winters, Diwali, Xmas, New Year. Summers bring Holi, which is, well, what to say, I am sure you have guessed.

winters vs summers


Presently, it’s still spring but the days are not far off when the romance of my life will die down. I am preparing to say goodbye to my favourite season of the year. I am busy savouring the last few bits of winter before it leaves me in the company of sweltering sun. Let me adjust the sail of my ship, the season is about to change.



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