My Soulitude

Death & Everything Thereafter!

Mindful Observation: Day 7

How to function in a social gathering in the event of a death is still a tough walk. What, how and when to say to the bereaved family members remain a challenge. Articulating the obvious looks silly. Saying anything makes no sense. Not saying anything makes you look indifferent. All you can provide is your shoulder or a silent presence, depending on where you stand on the social spectrum. In your 40s, gradually watching your parental generation fade away one by one is heart-breaking. The inevitable will happen, and the thought is deadly enough. Balancing life and death becomes a pivotal part of life in this mid-age. I don’t want to do it.


Mindful Observation: Day 8

Reinforcing the same thought again. Life goes on. Birth/ death, Celebration/ mourning—–these are just phases. The cycles of life. Nothing, meaning nothing, stops life from happening. Whether you are a part of that life or not is irrelevant.



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