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Dusk-time scenes!  

dusk time and slow living
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It’s dusk time. I am standing in my balcony after a futile wait for the sun. There’s a lane adjacent to our building surrounded by field on two sides. Stray dogs are playing by themselves filling the surroundings with shrill sounds while a few pet ones are enjoying the privilege of being taken for a walk by their masters. They don’t enjoy the same freedom as strays though.

Two old, bald men, somewhat weak in legs, are taking a stroll and may be reminiscing of the good old pre-corona days or their youth. Labours from a nearby construction site are leaving for home on foot as are the maids who work in our society. Four parrots, with strikingly long green bodies and red beaks, just flew into their nest at a tree branch. Pigeons are enjoying their flights of fancy while making way to homes. I fly with them and feel the goosebumps. Have you ever experienced it? If not, just observe them fly down from a height when you have the time to stand and stare. You will know what I am saying.

Delivery boy from a grocery store is cycling towards his destination with two bags full of household items. I see a huge flour bag sliding down. I fear it may fall down but the delivery boy, who seems 11 years old, is cycling in gay abandon singing a song even though it’s chilly. I catch his joy and smile, such infectious is it. I also spot three Dominos delivery guys on three scooters, covered fully from head to toe, carrying pizza. I crave garlic bread.

A few scooters and motorcycles pass by the road along with cars at slow speed. While I can’t see anyone in cars, I see two boys, laughing loudly, on a motorcycle, and a family—-parents & two children (sandwiched in between) —– on the scooter. A milkman in his trademark bike also drives by leaving a trail of sound. Scattered on the long stretch of road are groups of pedestrians, walking fast while chit-chatting, warm in the comfort of one another’s company.

While all this is playing out, I realise life is silently passing by too.

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