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I am home while NASA reaches new horizons!

(Holiday Humour)


Women putting House in order
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I wonder how do people achieve so much in life? Don’t they have homes?

Most of my waking time is spent in placing things in order at every nook and corner of my house. Sometimes, I walk in the balcony to dry some clothes, then find a clip there that has to be kept in another balcony. Once that’s done, i see a plant in this other balcony that needs watering, which means I now go to fetch water. When water is being filled from kitchen sink, i realise there are grocery items at the counter top that should be in fridge. When fridge is opened, there is milk to be boiled, veggies to be cut, cream to be whipped, and leftover stuff to be consumed.

Sorting this mess, water jug is filled. I now march to the plant when I notice the bedsheet hanging from balcony grill, which needs to be turned upside down before the sun sets. Now, i do the needful and carry the water jug back to the kitchen when I notice unwanted stuff on the dining table, which was cleaned just an hour ago. Two pens, some papers, a scissors, empty kettle (that needs a refill for the fifth time in a day and it’s not even 4 pm yet) and a tea cup.

I refill the kettle, and keep the scissors back in its place when I notice that the almirah where I went to keep the scissors has an empty sunscreen bottle. I throw it away and goes to another almirah to fetch new sunscreen where I see a toothpaste. Sense of dejavu, I remember toothpaste is also finished in one of the bathrooms.

I fetch these two and keep them in their respective places. Now the doorbell rings and guess who? The vegetable guy with two carrybags. I receive my veggies while going red inside when the laundry boy turns up at the door with pressed clothes beaming at me and saying, “We are back.”

I welcome them both, the veggies and the pressed clothes. Now, i take a moment to decide what should I keep first, the vegetables in the fridge or the clothes in the almirah? I decide in favour of clothes though it has no earth- shattering consequence. While I am managing this, my 1000th sense remembered the bedsheet I had turned upside down. I run to pick it up before it gets wet again in the frost.

Now the bedsheet will not come inside alone. There are four chairs and one bean bag that needs to be kept inside too. When that is done, there are ( remember) clothes that I had left to dry in the 11th line of this post. Yes, those. If you can’t remember, go back and read again. Yes, now these clothes are to be folded and kept in respective almirahs.

Now I notice (OMG yet again)  that one sock of the pair is dry but the other one is still wet (seems the socks pair is incompatible when they can’t dry together). So I leave the wet sock outside to dry more, which means i have to come back to pick it up while doing some another chore.

Now while I can whine a lot more, let me remind you this truckload miniscule work I mentioned may will find no mention in the annals of history. It’s the minisculest of the work I am taking about, and my life is only about the miniscules. I am busy putting my house in order while NASA’s telescope has reached final stop 1.6 mn km from earth. 

What, you don’t know yet? Are you busy too?

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