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Farewell to 2011

The year is about to end, but I didn’t want it to end this way for my blog, neglected and lost. The blog, which I started with so much of love in the year 2011, deserved to be updated in spite of the fact that I have not written anything since ages. But as the year ends, I want it to get the attention it deserves. The reasons I could not update were many, but the honest one that overrule all is that I didn’t feet the urge to write and sheer laziness. As for excuses, I have many: my new job kept me busy and made me not touch my laptop. And ah laptop, it reminds me of another reason I could not update, laptop. Don’t hit me for saying this, but the fact is I hate working on laptop. Give me desktop, I can work easily, but laptop, don’t know why whenever I think of opening it, a sort of repulsion starts. Mind starts looking for another things than open a laptop, I spot a book and want to read it, I itch to read newspapers, magazines, watch TV, anything to avoid opening a laptop. Now that I have done my job of passing the bucks for not updating my blog, let me talk some sense. New Year is here and so are the dreams, aspirations and hopes of a better tomorrow. I also hope so, as this year was a mixed bag, but more bad than good. I hope I get to live the life I want to, enjoy this phase of my life to the fullest. On my wish list are:

  • Travel, not officially but as for fun
  • Earn lot of money to be able to travel lot, or marry a millionaire
  • Go on a loooooong family holiday. It’s been ages we did that
  • Read a lot
  • Expand my life by doing many new things and not limiting myself to just doing a job
  • Learn dance
  • Hone my cooking skills, but that doesn’t mean cooking every day. Just when I feel like

 This much for now, can’t think of more. May you all too have a very happy new year. Lots and lots of love and wishes.

Keep Smiling!

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