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Chithi Na Koi Sandes, Jaane Who Kaun Sa Des, Jahan Tum Chale Gaye

Jagjit Singh died. I still can’t believe it. Watching TV, tributes being paid to him by all on TV and how strange it all looks. Just can’t believe he is no more. That’s the strange thing about death, it’s the only certain thing in life, yet I find it so tough to accept every time someone dies. His ghazals were among my favourites, I grew up listening to him. Still remember how I used to lie down with mom for a nap in the afternoon without fail and would hear his ghazal programme on radio at 4pm. His ghazals gave us the strength to go through tough times in life, gave us the perseverance to hang in there and tide over those times. They still do.

May God give strength to his wife who has already gone through so much in life. Life has its own strange ways. Some regret not having any inborn talent while some get it in plenty but life doesn’t allow them to use it and live it. Just like Chitra Singh, she sings so well but tragedies forced her to go in a shell. A talent lost amidst life’s struggles and hardships.

His ghazals always made me cry, emotional and gave a philosophical aspect to life. His song, which is also the title of this post, has given me endless tears, first when I watched the movie, Dushman, starring great Kajol, and then when I went through a tragic phase for the first time in my life after two young deaths in family. And today, this song again made me cry. This was the irony of his ghazals, they made me sad but I still loved them.

RIP… Jagjit Singh

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