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First rakhi away from brother!

First to this link, one of my fav songs… It’s  dedicated to the beautiful relationship

Phoolon ka taaro ka…….


This is the first time ever that my bro is not with me. Missing him a lot. For the first time, my home is without the hulchal of a festive day, the charm of celebrations, the excitement to get ready for rakhi, of gifts and chocolates, of clicking pics, and sumptuous lunch by mom.

But I am glad my bro-sis together in Mumbai this time. Since it was easy for him to go from Pune to Mumbai, they are having a blast there with movies, shopping, food and togetherness. And I am  happy in this happiness. May god give him the bestest life ever.


6 thoughts on “First rakhi away from brother!”

  1. humne bht masti ki…. n itne senti posts mat likha kar har baar….always senti kar deti hai…pls take lyf on a lighter note also some time…hehehehe ..
    from ur best critic…

  2. I agree with viveka. aise post se sab ko senti kar deti hai. Eshan and viveka are lucky and blessed to have sis like u . God Bless u all. Luv u

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